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Decision 1

ICEED Countries decided to establish a Task Force which works out the priorities of the Members, and find resources, and prepare joint projects. Task Force shall be gathered within 2 months after the 10th Session of ICEED. Each member shall designate a representative to the Task Force. Designation of the Task Force shall be done in 1 month. The communication of the Task Force will be carried out mainly via correspondences. The Task Force will start with the following proposed topics:

  • Extension of Flash Flood Guidance System (FFGS) to the ICEED countries
  • Using radar products in early warning systems.
  • More efficient use of EUMETSAT and SAF products in weather forecasting, early warnings and climate studies.
  • Calibration of the instruments.
  • Quality Management Systems.

Decision 2

The ICEED Countries express their interest to exchange experts and students on weather forecasting, NWP, early warning, climate and climate change studies. The countries shall inform the Task Force on their training needs and capacity to host experts and students within 3 months. The Task Force shall investigate possible funding mechanism for exchange.

Decision 3

The ICEED Chairperson shall invite all members to exchange their migration plans to TDCF and identify their current status and difficulties in this regard. The Chairperson will seek support from the Task Team on Regional Migration to TDCF of Working Group on Technology Development and Implementation (WG/TDI) for providing assistance to the members.

Decision 4

The ICEED Chairperson shall address the Director-General of ECMWF and the Chairperson of ACCS to raise the issue of providing the non-member states with the ECMWF products related to the early warnings.

Decision 5

ICEED Countries decided to strengthen the cooperation between countries concerning the provision of the Climate services including the VRCC activities under the Pilot phase of WMO RA VI RCC Network.

The host countries of VRCC will inform the RA VI Task Team on RCC on their activities.

Decision 6

ICEED Countries decided to establish a web page for the ICEED. Turkish State Meteorological Service will operate and host this web page.

Decision 7

ICEED Members took note the monitoring and management of the GCOS at regional level and decided to review the GCOS Regional Action Plan until next meeting.


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